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In total contrast to the original release of 'The Swimmer' the re-issue has a super realistic cover photography. Extremely dynamic is the front cover, the flip side shows a more common portait of the band.
I like this cover, but, to be honest, I prefer the graphical artwork from the original release. The absolute realism of this one doesn't give much latitude for the beholder's imagination. All what you will possibly receive is the amazement about a well done snap-shot.

7" single by
The Passions
Polydor Records™
catalogue no. POSP 325
(re-issue of POSP 184)
production date: 1981
uk made

production: Peter Wilson
           and the Passions
art directio/design:
Rob O'Connor (Stylo Rouge)
photography: (front)
Trevor Rogers
(back) Jeff Veitch


Side A:
The swimmer
  [The Passions]


Side B:
Some fun
  [The Passions]

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