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This delightful photograph is with certainty one of my absolute favorite record cover pictures. Containing every attribute, that is needed to make everybody paying attention to it, is one of his outstanding features. Obviously it isn't essential, to use lots of objects, spectacular graphical elements, or colours. In this case it's just the radiation of an excellent black and white photograph that's used to fascinate the beholder. Another cover that proves the thesis; that often less is effecting more, and so it surely is in this particular case.

7" single by
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Shelter Records™
catalogue no. WIP 6403
production date: 1977
uk made

production: Denny Cordell


Side A:
American girl   3.33
  [Tom Petty]

Side B:
Luna   4.17
  [Tom Petty]
     taken from the 'official live
     bootleg' album

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