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Lively colours, a guy looking like he is straight from a commercial wearing a funny hat, and of course he is! The picture is showing a famous American golf professional, 'Chi-Chi Rodriguez'! Devo liked that picture, so they decided to take it for the cover, but Mr. Rodriguez don't, so they got sued for using it without permission.
Thank you Tobbe for these informations.
Side A: a vote for the 'Stiff' record company, side B: a philosophical contemplation of our society, specially the part that is gullibly. The record: half clear, half translucent vinyl. Powerful Devo rock 'n' roll.

7" EP by Devo
shipped by
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Boy 2
release date 1978

uk release


A side:
Be Stiff
[Devo]  producer: Eno

B side:
Social fools
[Devo]  producer: Devo

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