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7" single by
Z.E.R.O. pass S.E.V.E.N.
Virgin Records™
catalogue no. VS 297
production date: 1979
uk release

producer: in SEVENS
cover design:
Ansell / Sadgrove

Side A:
Worry  4.08
[in seven]

Side: B
Worry two  5.28
[in seven]


A real eye catcher is fooling our brains, is it a face or is it not? A Zombie or an Alien from outer space or at least a Monster? Beholding this cover causes strange feelings. You might have the idea that somebody took off the middle of this portrait and if we have a look at the back, of course there is a part of it. But if the gap is closed we recognize surprised, it isn't enough to give it a normal appearance. Just one eye, no nose and no mouth, but one half of the glasses. Electronic pop music of the more commercial type.

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