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2nd Honeymoon

silver sands and birds and sea of course
tightly held hands and you and me off course
riding together on one hired horse
a second time around to see
if we could find a little magic now
a brief encounter with ourselves
if we could fan a fading flame somehow
and find that place in which love dwells
but isn't this a scene from some old movie
a pretty but a useless escapade
and sometimes its all right
and it's all right sometimes
and when it's not you know
it will be won't it though
we'll just pretend we're passing strangers now
two calling sirens in the fog
pretend that fate will lend a hand somehow
and just by chance make our paths cross
and though we have the brilliant Stars above
that look like tea trays in the sky
there's more to second honeymoons old Iove
there's more to this than meets the eye.

© 1976 Langer & Allan

[ Deaf School | 2nd Honeymoon | Warner Bros. Records™ | K 56280 | 1976 ]

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