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12" LP by Greenslade
Mercury Records™
catalogue no. SRM-1-1025
release date: 1975
producer: Greenslade / Gregg Jackman / Jeremy Ensor
us release

cover painting:
Patrick Woodroffe
sleeve concept:
Andrew McCulloch
photography: Michael Putland

Side A:
Animal farm 3.24 / Newsworth 3.03 / time 1.16 / Tide 2.51 / Catalan 5.03


This is really an impressive gatefold cover. Patrick Woodroffe created a gorgeous front cover painting, a visual pearl. Inside the demonical stage set of the band is to be seen. Only a very few covers persuades in such a strong way.
The bands line up: beside a bass, drums and pecussion, three keyboards, trying not to sound like keyboards.

Side B:
The flattery stakes 3.57 / Waltz for a fallen idol 3.19 / The Ass's ears 3.21 / Gangsters 2.27

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