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The "truth" about this album is:

Shapes Of Things - Rearranged, but the same Yardbirds
hit. This must be played at maximum volume whatever
Phonograph you use. Makes very appropriate background
music if you have Vicar over for tea.

Let Me Love You - Heavy number, tambourine played
divinely by Micky Waller. Written partly by me and partly
by another geezer. Multipurpose tune.

Morning Dew - Everyone knows Tim does this
wonderfully, but so do we.

You Shook Me - Probably the rudest sounds ever
recorded, intended for listening to whilst angry or stoned.
Last note of song is my guitar being sick-well so would
you be if l smashed your guts for 2:28.

0l' Man River - Arranged by me, but credit must go to
all, everyone was super especially Rod Stewart. Again
played loudly gives maximum value.

Greensleeves - (Aye that's a lovely "toon") Played on
Mickie Most's guitar which by the way is the same
as Elvis'.

Rock My Plimsoul - Rerecorded flipside of "Tally Man"
much better feel and more spontaneity than the original.

Beck's Bolero - Not much to say about this, excuse
same track on here as on the "Silver Lining" B side, but
we couldn't improve on it.

Blues De Luxe - Thanks to Bert and Stan, we were able
to give you a perfect example of "live" blues music
that we sometimes give forth, and please let's own up
about the piano solo.

I Ain't Superstitious - Stolen riff from old "Howlin' Wolf"
tune, but he doesn't mind because I asked him. This
number is more or less an excuse for being flash
on guitar.

Well that's it Honeys, here's our first LP, called Truth.
                                                                                                 © 1968 - Jeff Beck

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