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Like a long iced drink or a brisk sea breeze, these
songs by June Christy are welcome refreshment —
with a smooth coolness that, musically speaking, denotes something modern, deft, imaginative.

The cool and casual air may be a bit deceptive,
though — such polished performances are really the product of hard work and much talent. From Decatur, Illinois, where she was born, to Europe and Hollywood and wherever else she's appeared with the Stan
Kenton band, June has conscientiously learned most
of what there is to know about how to
delight an audience.

Now, in this album, you hear her as she comes
into her own, vocalizing in a sleek, smoothly turned
style — a topflight artist singing with an easy lift, in an intriguing way that's quite as desirable as
something cool on a warm summer's day.

[ June Christy| 'Something Cool' | Capitol™ | Album EBF-516 [1-516 - 2-516] | 1954 ]

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