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Nantucket Sleighride  (to Owen Coffin)

Goodbye, little Robin-Marie
Don't try following me
Don't cry, little Robin-Marie
'Cause you know I'm coming home soon

My ship's leaving on three year tour
The next tide will take us from shore
Windlaced, gather in sail and spray
On a search for the mighty sperm whale

     Fly your willow branches
     Wrap your body round my soul
   Lay down your reeds and drums on my soft sheets
     There are years behind us reaching
     To the place where heart's are beating
   And I know you're the last true love I'll ever meet

Starbuck's sharpening his harpoon
The black man's playing his tune
An old salt's sleeping his watch away
He'll be drunk again before noon

Three years sailing on bended knee
We found no whales in this sea
Don't cry, little Robin-Marie
'Cause we'll be in sight of land soon

(Pappalardi ~ Collins)

 Copyright © 1970 Upfall Music Corp.

[ Mountain | Nantucket Sleighride | Windfall Records™ | 5500 | 1971 ]



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