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You Can't Get Away!

I can see you, baby, from a thousand miles away
And I know you love me no matter what you say
I can tell you, baby, where you belong
By my side at the end of the day when the work is done

I can tell when you been sleepin' all day in bed
And I know what drives you out of your head
I can feel your heart beatin' thru' a cement wall
And I know you'll come a'runnin' whenever I call

     You can't fool me
       You can't fool a man who's been around
     You can't leave me
       Whithout me knowin' where you go
     You can't get away

I can touch every breath you take
And you know with me you can't make no mistake
Just like butter on a hot summer's day
I can melt you, baby, and leave you that way

If your heart was a diamond and your love was gold
You'd be a ring on my finger you don't need to be told
That it ain't no use tryin' to cheat me
'Cause everybody knows where you gotta be

(West, Collins, Laing)

 Copyright © 1970 Upfall Music Corp.

[ Mountain | Nantucket Sleighride | Windfall Records™ | 5500 | 1971 ]


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