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7" single by
Sprout Head Uprising
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 121
and Buy DJ 121
release date: 1981
uk release

producer: Michael Mafia for
eGo productions
photo: Mick The Fog
victoriana fron Mick the Klingon

A side :
Throw some water in
  [Lee Perry]

B side :
Nothing to sing (part 2)
  [M. A. Ward]


A rather strange jacket for this recording. A mixture of a black and white photography and a graphical drawing. Odd people are arranged around a chassis of a car. The engine won't run if it isn't cooled with water, therefore 'Throw Some Water In'. This one belongs to the more peculiar releases from 'Stiff Records' and also special is this cover's art work.
The reverse side confront us with two hands stretching out of the water, holding vaguely recognizable items. In addition the lyrics and credits is given.
I decided to exhibit additionally the 'grey label - white A' DJ record as well as the promotional notice.

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